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Vendor Partnerships

A specialist medical doctor would have more experience and greater skills in their individual field than a general practitioner would, right? Technology is a very broad industry too, so are you going to get the very best anti-virus solution if your computer person is actually a wireless networking expert? On the other hand, you don’t want to have to deal with ten different people for your computing needs.
To provide you with great solutions, we’ve developed a Preferred Vendor Program, limited to two specialist companies within each category which are the best of breed. To become a Preferred Vendor, a company must meet the following four criteria:
1. Be recommended by at least two Computer Troubleshooter franchisees.
2. Have no significant complaints from other Computer Troubleshooters.
3. Be endorsed as one of the top two vendors in their category by our Vendor Review Team*
4. Provide special pricing or other consideration beyond ordinary reseller programs based on the strength of the Computer Troubleshooters global footprint.
Also, each of our independently owned franchise locations has the autonomy to work with any vendor they choose, so they may source and select alternative suppliers instead, especially where they have developed a relationship local to your area.  We currently have approximately 50 Preferred Vendors.
Our Vendor Review Team*
Our Vendor Review Team is a volunteer group made up of Computer Troubleshooters franchisees, which can include those in other countries, if appropriate. Together they assist us in recommending and selecting companies for our Preferred Vendors Program.
Benefits of becoming a Preferred Vendor for Computer Troubleshooters
If you are looking for national or international exposure to the growing small business market, the Computer Troubleshooters group is an invaluable addition to your sales force. Our franchisees are committed to only recommending solutions they truly believe in and our customers value and act on advice from their trusted I.T. advisor. If you believe your products and/or services meet our criteria above and have what it takes