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Whether you have 50 computers or just one, Computer Troubleshooters knows your small business depends on your technology. We understand that you hate paying out good money to fix problems that you didn’t want in the first place. And if your computers are down, the impact on your productivity (and stress levels!) can be significant. That’s why you need to find a trusted I.T. advisor who knows the challenges that you face and is committed to the success of your business. Don’t trust your business sales, service or product delivery or staff productivity to anyone with less experience, knowledge and resources than a Computer Troubleshooter.

What is unique about Computer Troubleshooters?
Do you ever wonder if you’re being sold something because the salesman has a target to meet, is trying to move old stock or is on a mission to beat their personal best in chargeable hours? Or do you ever wonder if they really know what they’re talking about when they talk technology. Computer Troubleshooters are not motivated by sales targets and have a genuine interest in finding solutions that are appropriate for your business. And each locally owned Computer Troubleshooters location is screened and supported by the entire CT global network. You’ve finally found your very own chief technology officer, as trusted as an employee but without the full-time salary. After all, we don’t succeed unless our customers succeed.

It’s about service, not just services
There’s a good chance you’ll find a Troubleshooter close to you, who can respond quickly with a high level of friendly, personalized service. But they’re not alone – our integrated, global network (over 450 strong) means that you’re not dependent on just one person. Now you can access a total franchise team of technical experts with a wide range of skills and abilities, to handle practically any situation, whilst remaining totally independent of any hardware or software supplier.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of bad customer service. When things don’t work as expected, or service providers just don’t seem to care, the joy of a cheap price is soon forgotten. Our internal discussion forums are testimony to our franchisees discussing the right thing to do for their customer. Our awards from the likes of Entrepreneur magazine and Franchise Business Review show how committed we are to doing the right thing.
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