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About Computer Troubleshooters

Computer Troubleshooters began in 1997 in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  Our Founders, Wilson & Suzanne McOrist,  had previously built an international service franchise focused on providing accounting services to small businesses, and they wanted to build another service franchise based on the needs of small businesses.

The obvious choice was computer support small businesses today rely on technology, but their choices for computer and network support are limited.  Do they choose service from a large department store, with overpriced service from an underqualified tech-du-jour?   Or do they choose a local independent company, who may or may not be qualified and, more importantly, may or may not still be in business when they need critical support down the road?

The Computer Troubleshooters’ vision has always been to provide small businesses (and home users) with the best of both worlds:  knowledgeable support from a locally owned business, with the support, skills, and backing from a recognized global network.  Today that vision is executed through over 450 successful Computer Troubleshooters in 24 countries all around the world.

Our franchisees may have a technical background themselves, or may have a business background and hire a technical staff (with our assistance).  Some operate in rural areas, others in major cities, and while most operate from home some choose to open service centers or even retail stores.  All are screened and approved by our head office, and all are committed to providing the best possible customer service that’s been the secret to our success right from the beginning.

For over 10 years Computer Troubleshooters has been recognized as one of the world’s top IT franchises, including frequent recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 rankings and in Franchise Business Review’s Franchise 50 (based on franchisee satisfaction).