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Running a Computer Troubleshooters Business

Because Computer Troubleshooters is a fairly flexible franchise, you’ll find that our franchisees around the country (and especially around the world) are a diverse group.  Most come from technical backgrounds, but some come from sales, marketing , or operations backgrounds and hire techs.  Most work from home, but some open offices, service centers, or even retail storefronts.  Most stay small, with less than 3 or 4 employees in total, while others grow to 8, 9, or more.  Our system is designed to let you make some choices regarding how your business is structured to better suit your local environment and your personal preferences.  However regardless of how you choose to structure your business, you’ll be providing onsite and remote technical services to local small, medium and home based business and residential users in and around your area.

Computer Troubleshooters provides support by giving you:

  • Access to our forums, email lists, and libraries of marketing & business documents.
  • An intensive 3-day initial training session.
  • Ongoing training through workshops, conferences and webinars.
  • Our extensively researched Business Operations, Business Management, and ENGAGE Sales & Marketing manuals.
  • Free subscription to Autotask GO to manage your clients, techs, and schedules.
  • Quick Books Pro to manage your accounts (Integrates with Autotask)
  • Ongoing access to local and global staff and coaches.
  • Leads in your area (if any) from our National Accounts and National Client programs, as well as our National Advertising.
  • Discounts from our Preferred Vendors
  • Support and training on our managed services program (BEST), residential managed services program (HOST), and multiple recurring-revenue “enhanced vendor” programs.
  • Updated marketing materials and customer news letters each month, with tools to make implementing your marketing campaigns relatively easy and inexpensive.